There is more to great web design than merely knowing how to use an HTML editor or how to create graphics.

We begin a design project by visiting competitors' sites to find ways the client and its web site can stand above the crowd. We talk to the client about how they want to do business online. These business and marketing goals will define the site's design -- not the technology.

We then plan the functional flow of the site, predicting popular paths and designing a navigational interface that will put key information within easy reach of your visitor's mouse.

Next, we develop the look and feel of the site by creating prototype pages, making sure that the prototype layouts are appealing on all platforms and to all browsers. Finally, we refine the prototypes with the client's input before implementing the designs and new technology throughout the site. Along the way, we optimize all pages and images for faster downloading.

Our job isn't over when a web site goes live - we’ll market and promote the site to make sure it gets noticed. In other words, we go way beyond page design and HTML to be sure that your web site becomes an integral component of your business strategy.

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