IT Services For Schools, Law Firms, & More

We understand your industry IT requirements. From healthcare facilities to banks to hotels, AMA Networks has provided IT support that adheres to strict industry-specific regulations and security demands.

Businesses of all types need to securely encrypt customer data and abide by industry specific regulations. AMA is well-versed in industry specific regulations such as HIPPA encryption requirements and PCI compliance. Working with each client, AMA Networks develops a comprehensive plan to address IT requirements and industry regulations.

  • Network segmentation & security 
  • Protection & encryption of confidential client/patient information
  • IT security policy development, testing, & maintenance
  • Data backup & redundancy to ensure business continuity and operation
  • Reduced downtime
  • IT infrastructure from servers to software

Healthcare IT Solutions

AMA’s secure data storage and encryption solutions exceed industry requirements for virtual medical records and online patient portals.

  • HIPPA encryption requirements
  • Regular testing for penetration and security threats
  • Establishes and manages network security between multiple locations

IT Support for Schools

AMA’s systems establish and protect separate and secure networks while providing top-level IT support.

  • Secure network separation (students, teachers, administration)
  • Setup restricted access levels
  • Regular network testing for penetration and security threats

Financial IT Solutions

AMA works with banks, private security vault firms, and other financial institutions to:

  • Encrypt and secure all data
  • Provide secure client access online
  • Adhere to strict regulations including PCI compliance

Real Estate

AMA has provided IT Support for various companies in the Real Estate industry including:

  • Property Managers
  • Commercial & Residential Builders
  • Brokers

IT Support for Law Offices

AMA provides IT infrastructure including; printers, scanners, servers, and software. In addition, AMA’s IT services help law firms protect sensitive client data through:

  • Secure networks
  • Regular network security testing
  • Data backup and recovery

Hospitality IT - Hotels & Restaurants

From servers to internet solutions, AMA works with a number of San Diego restaurants and hotels providing top service IT support including:

  • Software support
  • Server consolidation
  • Network security and protection

Professional Services

From B2B companies to cleaning companies and more, AMA Networks provides IT support for various local San Diego businesses.With AMA Networks, businesses get peace of mind knowing their IT is covered.

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