San Diego IT Security Services

AMA Networks employs professional IT Security Engineers, who will help you understand Internet threats, system vulnerabilities and train your organization to safely run your daily operations.

The Internet isn’t as safe as it used to be. New threats emerge every day, ranging from viruses and spyware to attempted hacks of sensitive information. Rapid software development and new realms of open source have opened back-doors to viruses, spyware, malware, black hat hackers, and security vulnerabilities within business systems. Privacy has been particularly affected by the emergence of social media and blogging, as human error is often the most vulnerable spot in our computer networks. Some companies will leave permissions wide open to the entire company or expose their servers to the outside without protection.

AMA Networks’ IT Security Engineers have developed several different approaches when it comes to network security in the last couple of years. We start by exploring your network in the same fashion as hackers who would try to exploit it, then we collect data and learn your internal business processes concerning data communication. At this point we dig deep, analyzing data packets for best possible results. In addition to high-level protection, we offer computer virus removal services for clients who have already been infected.

Depending on company size, these processes can last up to two weeks as we incorporate social engineering and test your network from all perspectives. We’ll help you decide what kind of file structure best fits your business. Users within a company can have various levels of access to files and folders. Finally, we create detailed report on your network vulnerabilities and help you patch them, or we help design an all new network. Of course, if you have already lost data, we are the leading data recovery team in San Diego.


List of our Security Services:

  • Network Security Assessment
  • Server Security Assessment
  • Physical Security Assessment
  • Software Security Assessment
  • Hardware Security Assessment
  • Anti-virus – Anti-Spyware – Anti-Malware Solutions
  • Anti-Spam Solutions
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention
  • Security Design

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