Professional IT Services

AMA Networks provides unparalleled support for Microsoft Windows and Mac operating systems, as well as customized server software and hardware platforms.  We specialize in accelerating slow machines, reanimating frozen devices, and giving new life to broken systems. We provide free initial estimates, and offer detailed proposals as to how your concerns will be addressed.

Our Professional Services team has daily consulting experience with businesses of all sizes, and has assisted these companies in projects both large and small.  Each member of this team is well-versed in system integration and implementation, upgrades, IT assessments, and assisting business looking to switch locations. Each effort is collaborative, ensuring that we meet your requirements at each step.  If an existing IT department is present within the organization, we will work with them and bolster their efforts.

Even the most damaged or corrupted systems can generally be backed up and restored within the business day.  This includes, but is not limited to, email systems that use Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, and Google Business Apps.  Our IT professionals specialize in the troubleshooting of modern hardware connections like Ethernet over Copper (EOC), Fiber Optics, and Multiprotocol Label Switching.  We can also handle the creation of Local or Wide Area Networks (LAN, WAN), using hardline or wireless networks to link multiple workstations and servers.

AMA Networks will help form strategic solutions that grow along with your business.  These solutions are future-oriented, which means ever-changing industries won’t hinder your ability to adapt and continue growing.  As each client has unique business challenges, we thrive on developing innovative technical solutions that adapt to the industry standards.

What Makes Us Different?

AMA Networks follows the highest standard of industry practices.  Many IT companies will make this claim, but what separates us is our approach to each client.   We are not geared towards making a quick return on half-done job.  We develop solutions that are customized for your specific needs, rather than applying generic solutions that equate to simply throwing money at the problem.  Our technological mindset, experience, dedication, and strategic proficiencies follow the same consistent ideals with each aspect of our partnership.  This means that no aspect is deemed insignificant or given less effort.  Our engineers are personable and friendly, so any complications that may arise with the incumbent IT department will transition into joint successes.  We respect our clients’ vision, listen intently to concerns, and acknowledge the value of trust in all business relationships.

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