IT Server Management in San Diego

At AMA Networks, our highly-trained Server Management Professionals believe your small office or home office business server is essential to keeping vital information intact and protected from unwanted intrusion.  You need to be sure your sensitive data is properly safeguarded, and that your network is free from external parties who would pilfer your resources for personal use.  In fact, every network infrastructure should have a suitable Server Management policy in place to facilitate harmony between its servers, computers, and any other devices that can grant access.  To enact these measures, we utilize best practices and years of Server Management experience configuring different systems in varied environments.

Setting up new server is just the start.  Like any machine, a server will inevitably require maintenance to keep it at optimal functionality.   Without consistent maintenance, server-based tasks take longer, which means processes and employees that rely on them become less efficient.  These complications can have a negative impact on the overall efficiency of your business, which in turn effects the bottom line.  These concerns are particularly troublesome in markets where success depends on delivering goods or services faster than competitors.

AMA Networks will work to keep your server healthy, your network in harmony, and your employees productive.  When you subscribe to our IT Server Management plan, you become more than a customer, you become part of our family.  We ensure that all information is effectively protected, monitored, and maintained.  Our Server Management Engineers are always available to troubleshoot or respond to inquiries, and we start to work on resolving your issue immediately, whether it’s on-site or remotely.

AMA Networks would like to hear from you and put your home or business on our Server Management Maintenance Support plan.

Server Management Services:

  • Server Setup
  • Server Maintenance
  • User and Patch Management
  • Server Roles Management
  • Server Migration
  • Server Backup
  • Server Monitoring
  • Security

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