Managed Service Plans(MSP)

“One price covers it all.”

If your business has ever been plagued by high costs of outsourced I.T., system downtime, viruses, spyware, losses of productivity, or any other reason, a one price unlimited Managed Service Plan (MSP) might be the answer for your business. Many companies begin to utilize our Managed Service Plans when a serious problem occurs or their outsourced I.T. costs become out of control.

Why? Because your business pays one monthly cost and regardless of the number of support problems your cost stays the same. Not only that but we develop and implement the right management, support, and training plan to integrate our services with your staff while taking advantage of the broad portfolio of managed services plans we offer.

We have many options to choose from such as operational management and support, network monitoring, on-site and/or remote network management and support, computer repair, helpdesk services, training, fully managed and hosted systems, cloud services and much more.

Our Managed Service Plan is designed to be simple to understand but comprehensive in what it provides.

What’s an MSP’s purpose? To provide your business with peace of mind, reduced operating costs, speed up productivity, lower risk and to remove the complexity of managing IT issues.

How does it work?
By giving you one price that you pay every month that covers all of your I.T. support needs regardless of how many issues or problems occur in any given month.
By identifying problems before they become a major issue via server and system monitoring.
By providing an ongoing system of network maintenance and support.
By providing you with unlimited remote and help desk support.
By providing quick, responsive action to incidents.

Scope of Managed Service Plan
The plan is designed to provide a single point of contact for IT related issues so that in effect you have your own “virtual” IT department. Phone support is your first contact option. If the issue cannot be resolved with phone and remote support, an engineer will be dispatched to your site. Most helpdesk requests can be answered and resolved remotely.

All incidents, whether called in or reported via email, will be submitted as tickets and available for tracking all the way from first report to final resolution.

Agreement Types for a Managed Service Plan
MSP Agreements are formed in a couple of ways. Either a month-to-month agreement with no long term commitment or a 12 month (or longer) agreement would give you up to a 40% savings. In any case, payments will be made on the first day of each month.

Cost of a Managed Service Plan
The cost of the service plan is derived from the number of PCs/laptops and servers (not including cellular mobile devices) you have and the level of support you require. Enterprise Level plans include on-site support, to deal with any issues relating to the smooth running of your computer devices and the network.

Unlike the Annual Service Plan, MSP hours may not be carried over to the next calendar month. Professional and Basic Plan customers enjoy unlimited helpdesk and remote support and are invited to take a discount when purchasing additional hours.

What Is Monitored in a Managed Service Plan?
We monitor your IT infrastructure, networks, IP-based telephony and systems from a secure, off-site location, using automated tools. Dynamic base lining and proactive monitoring of critical metrics is continuous, so potential system failures are identified and resolved remotely, driving down costs and increasing profits. A nationwide network of IT support professionals provides on-site assistance when necessary.

You’ll be able to detect network issues before they escalate into downtime, spot trends, diagnose problems faster and easier than ever before. Here are just a few of the things we can monitor:

Server traffic and load.

Hardware integrity and reliability.

Storage space and availability.

Router and switch statistics.

Back-up success and failures.

Anti-virus protection.

Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) monitoring.

Any Windows Performance Monitoring variable.

Any SNMP string.

Any syslog event, or other measurable event.

Other monitoring needs can also be addressed in our custom-tailored solution.

If we identify any issues, we will notify you immediately with a recommended action plan to prevent downtime.

What Is Included In Each MSP Service Plan?
Three Levels of a Managed Service Plan

SmarterSolutions offers three levels of services for your technology infrastructure. Based on the results of our Network Assessment, we will recommend a level of service appropriate to your needs.

Enterprise (Monitoring, Remediation and Onsite Repair) — This comprehensive Managed Service Plan (MSP) plan provides round the clock monitoring of the devices under contract, full help desk support, and remote or on-site repair & maintenance of any problems identified. (Parts not included.) An asset inventory is compiled as a result of the initial audit. The asset inventory is subsequently monitored, ensuring visibility of software compliance, device changes and warranties. A Fully Managed service plan lowers your business risk through proactive remediation and more predictive delivery outcomes.

Professional (Monitoring and Remediation): Remote remediation includes round the clock monitoring of the devices under an MSP contract. Any problems identified are addressed remotely or on-site with your authorization. (Parts not included.) Full helpdesk support is provided.

Basic (Monitoring): Monitoring is provided round the clock. We advise you if a device has failed, or is about to fail. You choose how to resolve the problem. This low cost option is ideal for lightly utilized devices and other devices such as video cameras and door locks or organizations with their own part time I.T. support person(s).

Prices are customized based on the equipment that is covered under the Managed Service Plan (MSP) agreement. A typical cost of a small business covered under the Enterprise MSP Agreement with 1 server and 5 desktops with unlimited support would be as follows per device:

Device Cost Per Month:
Server $ 125.00
Laptop $ 75.00
Desktop $ 55.00

Benefits of an MSP Plan
Why do I need a managed services plan? The direct response to that question is “How important is your data?” You can’t just setup a network and ignore it. There are critical components and systems and activities that you want to make sure are functioning properly or it can spell disaster for business.

For any organization who wants a predictable I.T. cost which will never go up even if the number of service requests goes up, an MSP plan is perfect for your organization. Let’s outline the benefits of this type of a plan:

Better IT devices and network up times.

Keep your business up and running with system, networking, application and security resources optimized and monitored 24/7/365.

Better Network Security.

Our plans configure, monitor, and continuously check not only external network security threats but internal threats as well.

Reduced maintenance costs.

Reduce costs to as little as 20% of the cost of in-house resources. Dramatically reduce the number of costly on-site computer repair & maintenance visits.

Predicable costs which is easy budget.

Eliminate hidden costs of managing and maintaining your IT hardware, software, network and support with flat monthly fees. Pay only for the devices you wish to cover.
Optimize the use of internal technical resources

Free up your technical team to focus on core business activities such as revenue-generating strategic technical initiatives.

Benefit from advanced technologies now without the costs of building a network operations center or investment in development staff.

Access to today’s leading monitoring and base lining technologies.

Access to today’s leading monitoring and base lining technologies.

Maintain system performance visibility.

Secure client web portal provides useful features such as event notification, web portal reporting, fast problem identification and quick resolution to your computer repair and maintenance problems.

Easy and accurate capacity planning.

View current network usage and available capacity of your network. This insight enables accurate and proactive planning for future network upgrades without interruption in service delivery or customer satisfaction.

24/7/365 help desk availability.

If you have any issues, including computer repair & maintenance, feel free to contact us.

Your current investments in technology are protected.

Everything remains on your premises while being carefully monitored and managed by SmarterSolutions.

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