Onsite Support in San Diego

On-site training is training provided by AMA Networks staff at the location of our customer’s choice.  These services are developed for the companies or individuals with staff members that require IT training, either on a one-time or continual basis.On-site training can be held at an office or field site, a local hotel or conference center, or another convenient location of your choosing.  We travel to your selected location, which negates the hassle of sending employees to training centers.  You get the most training you can possibly get for your training dollar.

Our course designs consider the following details:

  • Course attendees (project managers, field staff, outside stakeholders)
  • The number of attendees
  • Scheduling (availability, course length)
  • Locale (classroom training, field training, or a combination of both)
  • Which topics are to be covered and to what level of detail

We tailor the course the specific needs of our clients, so attendees get the most out of their experience.  We go to these lengths to ensure that our clients not only receive the best training, but also the best value for their money.

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