09 Apr

Superman is killing your business

You tell me if this is a common occurrence in your business?  You have a deadline and to get your deadline met you need a mission critical piece of technology that goes down in at a critical moment.

You try to remember the last person you called when you have this happen before that you can’t remember your network is down secant search through your emails.  You start madly scrolling through your phone trying to remember who the person was.

You finally find that magic IT person and you call the number. The call goes to voicemail and then you send an email but the email is not responded to.  So, you’re stuck.  You then start asking around if anyone knows someone who can help you.  Then you find an individual who is willing to come out and fix your network. The IT person shows up fixes the problem and you can then get back to work.

You have a mission critical piece of technology go down and your IT guy comes out and fixes the problem.  In your eyes your IT guy is a superhero he was able to respond to a mission critical need and fix the problem just like Superman.  The problem is this type of support is going to catch up with you.  The process of waiting until something breaks and then fixing it is unfortunately not something that will make your company run at peak efficiency.

What if there is a way to keep your network and operating efficiently?

  • SS Smart Solutions your network is our network. We perform proactive maintenance and security patching of critical parts of your infrastructure and we are immediately alerted if your network goes down.  The result of this approach is you have a greater amount of time and you’re more productive.

How much is it really costing you when your network goes down?

  • If you can’t get to your software applications then you cannot get work done. When you have a network outage these costs are multiplied by the number of employees that you have. Even if it’s a small number of employees the cost can be very expensive.

Is your staff being effectively trained so that they are not causing network problems?

  • The culture of your environment can sometimes be causing the problem. Is your staff reaching out to you for training and help on being more effective with technology?  If they are not it’s not because they have mastered the technology it’s usually because they’re afraid to ask.  SS Smart Solution has a methodology for continuing improvement of your technology and your staff through training and proactive education.

When is the last time you evaluated your technology?

  • Technology is constantly changing. How hardware and software work together has changed dramatically. We can provide you with a no cost assessment to determine whether we can reduce your costs of licensing, software and hardware or increase your efficiency with our best-of-breed technology integration.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by finding out.

Are you getting the best pricing on licensing, and software hardware?

  • Do you remember what was the compelling reason on why you got involved with the specific type of software, or hardware? Has your organization gone through growth or contraction but now impacts the decision you previously made? With our evaluation tool we can show you how we can save you money and make your technology more effective.
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