WorkStation Support

Your workstation has expanded to now include a desktop, laptop, tablet and phone.  Not only does this require you IT service provider to have a much more rounded set of skills to ensure the uptime of those devices your overall network is more exposed to security vulnerability.  This would include losing a laptop or breaking a phone.  AMA Networks has a governance policy that we will implement to ensure that your data is not lost.  AMA will build a system of checks and balance to make sure that your able to get to your mission critical data securely even if you lose or break a device.  AMA will work with you and your team to create a continues improvement environment through training and education. AMA Networks approach to Workstation support will ensure that your company will get the help that you need and maximize productivity, saving you time and money.

Get the most out of your Work Day 🙂

We provide you a system that keeps you up and running on all of your devices.

Device management.

We will provide you with a system of support to monitor the security of all the devices that hit your network, monitor web traffic, alert you to vulnerabilities and account for information traffic.  This would include onboarding and offboarding of employees, setting up privacy policies and governance.   We accomplish this through training and learning programs.

Reduce Your WorkStation Cost - Greater Device Security - Better Device Access


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