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AMA Networks Hosted IT Services grant your organization freedom from the expenses and hassles of managing your business’ technology.

Hosted Services (IaaS, ItaaS), or Cloud-Based Hosted IT Services, are becoming increasingly popular among businesses looking to reduce infrastructure costs. These services are useful in the reduction of expensive software and hardware purchases, as well as preparation for potential disasters (DR), and in the support business continuity (BC). Hosted IT Services, Managed IT Services, and Professional IT Services simplify internal processes, increase the efficiency of collaborative workflows, and can greatly improve overall productivity by strengthening communication. Each of these elements culminate in a less attention to the technology-based aspects of your business, and more focus on high-priority tasks.

Hosted Microsoft Exchange (SaaS)

Hosted Exchange is an advanced productivity solution featuring enterprise-class email, as well as shared calendaring, tasks, contact capabilities. It enhances employee communication through anytime, anywhere access.


  • Easily manage email, calendars, contacts, and tasks with the familiar Microsoft® Outlook® client for PC or Mac®, as well as Outlook Web app (OWA) access
  • Access your email anywhere, anytime on a mobile device or your PC
  • Enhance team collaboration through shared calendars and scheduling
  • Trust the safety of your email with email security and virus protection
  • Integrate e-mail with other Microsoft services, such as Lync, SharePoint, CRM, and Office 365.
  • 24/7/365 customer support

Hosted Microsoft SharePoint (SaaS)

SharePoint® is a low-cost, enterprise-class collaboration and content management platform. It provides organizations with powerful cloud-based business tools that help employees maximize productivity, adapt quickly to shifting business needs, and access vital information with ease.


  • Reliable enterprise-class collaboration tools customized to fit the needs of your business
  • More effective communication between employees, vendors, and consultants.
  • Reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • No hardware to lease or buy, which saves in the initial purchase as well as maintenance.
  • Simple, cost-effective scaling as business requirements change
  • Free 24/7/365 customer support (free with current Microsoft contract)

Virtual Hosting (SaaS/PaaS)

Modern IT Departments face the increasing challenge of leveraging in-house resources against the unpredictable demands of conducting business in today’s ever-changing market. Physical servers can be expensive, and their maintenance incurs continual costs against an organization’s budget. AMA Networks’ Virtual Hosting services address these challenges, and reduce operational expenses—including associated hardware, personnel, and power costs—by delivering scalable infrastructures and off-site applications.

Remote Data Backup (ITaaS)

Is your business prepared for disaster, hardware malfunction, or accidental file deletion? Hosted Data Backup for Servers from AMA Networks protect businesses by backing up data remotely, which means a reliable, secure method for accessing data is always available. Server Remote Data Storage increases this availability, providing a structured solution to meet the needs of big and small businesses.

Business Continuity is a set of preparatory procedures that a company puts in place to ensure their vital operations can continue in the event of a disaster, be it a natural occurrence or the result of human-error. AMA Networks utilizes Remote Data Backup to remotely store data at scheduled intervals, which prevents data loss that occurs from infrequent backups, and eliminates the risk of data loss from damaged hardware such as corrupted hard drives.

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