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Junk Mail Center

Compellingly transform your inbox.  Get the important emails without having to hunt and peck through endless unwelcomed communications.  Get Control!

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Domain Registration

Building a website starts with registering your domain.  Get your idea going by registering your domain today.  Only $10.75 per year for most domains.

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Email Marketing

Send out a large amount of emails to your list without being tagged as a Spammer.  We can help you make the process simple and repeatable.

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Website Hosting

We can handle your web hosting needs. Smarter Solutions will build your dynamic website using the latest tools including database connectivity.

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Secure Form Service

Are you looking to have a form set up so you can get subscribers to your email list or send out information.  We can build you a secure form and workflow.

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Secure Domain Registration

Are you building a site that has specific security requirement?  We can help you with that.  Start here by registering your secure domain today.

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Development process

Understanding the requirements.

Anyone that tells you that the application Development process is simple is not being honest with you.  Getting clear on what you need and why you need it is half of the battle.


Going over and laying out all of the steps that need to happen in order for your application to be a success is critical to building the correct application for your business need.


Does it do what we needed it to do?  Having all of the documentation and code that you need in an orderly arrangement is critical.


The project is not done until we teach you how to use it and we document the process in detail.

Microsoft Case Study

Windows World Open · Comdex
Chicago, IL

In addition to the Windows World Open recognition, Microsoft made a Case Study out of this application. You can view the PDF version here.

It was pretty awesome to Meet with Bill Gates at this event.  Most people in our industry do not get that opportunity.

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